Quality that can be seen

In our fully digitized labs, we produce according to your individual requirements.

Our claim

Customer-oriented manufacturing excellence at competitive costs

We ensure the supply of complex serial turned parts to your company

We communicate pro-actively and contribute ideas for optimization

We are committed to the zero-defect target

With us, you can expect reliability, flexibility in volatile times and security in your supply chain

How we work

We control our manufacturing fully digitally

Digital Transformation@factorylabs

How we live up to our claim



We are a multicultural team that tackles challenges every day with the sole aim of satisfying our customers and constantly getting better.



CNC long and short turning machines from Citizen, Star and Miyano in combination with our Pfiffner Hydromats offer you a wide range along the axes complexity and production batch size.



Digital Twin is not a buzz word or wishful thinking for us. We have implemented it. Bi-directional man-machine communication, process automation, system-guided process and task control are just a few examples of how we take our customers' requirements seriously.


Organization & Culture

We don't work in departments, we live in roles and processes. Everything is digital, everything is interlinked - no system-related silos, but continuity & transparency for everyone at all times, serving the goal of achieving the agreed results.

How we work

We guarantee process reliability through digitalization

Products & Industries

We produce across industries


Manufacturers, suppliers and employees in the automotive industry are currently facing major challenges. We are familiar with the requirements and processes of the automotive sector and achieve the highest scores in VDA 6.3 audits. We are happy to support your total cost of ownership already in the design phase.

Hydraulic/Drive & Valve Technology

Precision in detail – knowing what is important – recognizing the stumbling blocks beyond the drawing/CAD model prior to offer submission. Alignment on details that matter – smallest deviations have a major impact on the functionality of your assembly. We coordinate intensively with you in advance. Already our offers go through an FMEA – no surprises after submission of our offer.

Can't be done - doesn't exist

As a service provider open to innovation, we think anew every day: Can it be tasteless stainless steel for the food industry? Do you need special cleaning requirements for your medical technology parts? Does it have to be µm-precise for your steering systems? We already meet many of these requirements. We look forward to new challenges from your industry! Together with you we want to grow and continuously reinvent and improve ourselves

A few more details

We turn and mill your parts on modern CNC short and long lathes up to 65mm round diameter. We work from the 3000mm bar, so we can also manufacture shafts of longer formats reliably on our sliding headstock lathes. Our hydromats are available up to 32mm round diameter. We mainly process steel and stainless steel; further processing such as coating, hardening etc. is outsourced.

How we work

We bring quality to the point

Quality management

Quality is the result of the overall process

QM/QA is not a department at our company, but a holistic, data-driven process.

Starting with FMEA during the quotation phase, a very elaborate and comprehensive master data system including parameterization of the parts-specific washing program, an automatically performed measuring equipment capability analysis, SPC, forced process-guided tool control and much more.

Our company’s “digital twin” ensures consistent quality through parameterization – and even stops machines automatically if an intervention is not carried out on time or a fault is detected. Our consistent master data management is the pillar of our system-guided CIP process. From data to information to new knowledge – everything is interlinked at our company. Curious? We look forward to hearing from you!

Locations Espelkamp / Dömitz